Does Ambition, Success, Fun, Friends & Learning Define Your Idea Of A Career?

Does Ambition, Success, Fun, Friends & Learning Define Your Idea Of A Career?
DigitalOnUS is clearly a next-gen IT organization. For an experienced professional or a newbie, we offer an enviable work culture that is the right blend of ambition, thirst for knowledge, learning and team collaboration. We are a family focused on a common objective, and when our colleagues and team mates do well, we celebrate their success. Our motto is: “work hard and play hard”.
Why Join Us!
DOU- Opportunities
We can give you opportunities to work with some truly remarkable IT engineers, architects, specialists and more.
DOU- delivery
When it comes to DevOps and the latest frameworks for delivery, DOU is it.
DOU- growth
We’re growing at a phenomenal pace and we’d like some company.
DOU- parties
Our parties are fun and crazy and we don’t want to let you feel left out.
DOU- Benefits, Employee focus and Culture
When it comes to benefits and employee focus and culture, we are the best!
DOU- why us
We hear your voice, nurture your talent and help you strengthen your foot print!
DOU- Benefits- Day care support
Day care support
DOU- Benefits- High range salaries
High range salaries registered 100% in social security
DOU- Benefits- Life insurance
Life insurance
DOU- Benefits- Training
Training and support for certifications
DOU- Benefits- Family Medical Insurance
Family Medical Insurance
DOU- Benefits- Christmas bonus
Christmas bonus
DOU- Benefits- Food coupons
Food coupons
DOU- Benefits- Vacation and vacation bonus
3 weeks of vacation and vacation bonus
DOU- Benefits- Recreation area
Recreation area in the office
DOU- Benefits- Snacks
Snacks in the office
DOU- Benefits- Flex Time
Flex Time
DOU- Benefits- Startup
Startup & Open Culture
DOU- Benefits- Cell phone payment
Cell phone payment support
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