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In this competitive environment, every business has become a technology business, hence it is imperative that your business moves at an agile pace to stay ahead. At DigitalOnUs,  we give your business a competitive edge through four key areas of service that give your engineering and operational teams a whole new dimension.
Micro Services Development
Micro Services Development
Drive business agility at scale with control and focus with Microservices architectural approach. Deploying simpler is often the key to deploying faster. Smaller targeted changes in a modular and autonomous service environment is the microservices mantra.
Continuous Monitoring
Continuous Monitoring
Managing and monitoring software performance in a contemporary agile development and production environment goes beyond just monitoring performance. Our ethos and framework covers everything from asset discovery to custom dashboards and remediation.
Release Engineering Automation
Release Engineering Automation
True Continuous Delivery is more than just managing the build pipeline. It is about end-to- end integration and automation in the development workflow. We have successfully established Release Engineering frameworks to automate Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery with best- of- breed technology and tools.
Continuous Testing Automation
Continuous Test Automation
An integrated quality approach to DevOps ensures quality across code, pipeline automation, application and customer experience (A/B test automation). Shorten your path to Continuous Testing by reusing and realigning existing Quality Engineering automation capabilities.
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DigitalOnUs is a forward-looking software development and managed services company helping businesses with their go-to-market product engineering challenges with Managed DevOps for hybrid enterprises. We nurture meaningful engagements that help create an open and trusted environment fostering innovation, co-creation and delivering quality products for businesses.
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