Continuous Test Automation

Continuous Testing Framework
- More Than Mere Automation
Without Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are meaningless. True Continuous Delivery warrants early automation, standardization, agility and enhanced risk management in Quality Engineering processes. This means engineering teams need to move from fragmented and non-standard automation efforts using common technologies like scripts, agents, UI automation and API tests to a more robust Continuous Testing Framework.
Continuous Testing
- Perception vs Reality
The reality is that 80% of testing is still a manual process in enterprises whereas with a Continuous Testing framework, enterprises are able to optimize and triage Time, Value and Cost. For Continuous Testing to be effective, the expected operations and functionality of the business applications is as vital as the understanding of priorities, risks and performance measurement for all stakeholders to validate builds and evolve user experience.
Continuous Testing Path

At DigitalOnUs we help you orchestrate testing across all your cloud environments including development, staging and production as well as on-premise, with tight continuous feedback loops. We provide early and improved visibility with user telemetry and also identify the right set of tools to accelerate delivery.

An integrated quality approach to DevOps ensures quality across code, pipeline automation, application and customer experience (A/B test automation). Shorten your path to Continuous Testing by reusing and realigning existing Quality Engineering automation capabilities.

Deep Expertise In Continuous Testing
Our nearshore Continuous Testing and Quality Engineering teams located in Mexico are deployed from the get go and collaborate closely with product owners and development engineers. Our Continuous Testing expertise consists of 4 key quadrants.

Scripting Skills

Expertise in automating scripts for different types of testing on UI, web services (REST / SOAP), CLI (bash or batch), databases and integrating these together.

Cross-skilled SDETs

Cross-skilled SDETs (Software Design Engineers in Testing) with strong background across development and Quality Assurance

Solutions Experience

Quality engineers with strong background in framework development

Service / Frameworks
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