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Technology Projections for 2018

DigitalOnUs - September 19, 2017 - 0 comments

People often find it difficult to predict the future. However, there are some things that can be projected given the direction that technology has been taking over the last few years. Here is a list of projections that we at DigitalonUs are doing right now, early in the year, because we think that these are the significant trends in technology that are possibly going to change the world in the near future, namely, the year 2018.

  • Internet usage increase: The Internet continues to rise and rise and 2018 is bound to see further boom in Internet usage. Most appliances will adapt to the internet as IoT is already a reality. As more and more people have access to the Internet and adapt to the technology that is connected to the Internet, Internet will (if not already) become ubiquitous.
  • Smartphones will become more productive: Smartphones will continue to be more innovative. That isn’t even debatable is it? There was a time when the phone screen was not as relevant, but in 2018 it will become the first go-to screen. Most information will be made readily available within the comfort of your phone, and phones may take over the personal tablet.
  • Buy-in to the DevOps model: Most companies have already started to buy into the DevOps model to do business. The cultures within organizations are changing to make it more inclusive with agile methodology taking over development processes. Shared responsibility is gaining focus and importance. Containerization of functionality will be the change specifically in the realm of DevOps. There is every reason to believe that there will be an increase in automated coding, prioritization of security, and last but not least, further integration of development, security and operations.
  • Big Data and DevOps: Automation combined with machine learning paves the way for creating a lot of data. The combination of this will lead to leaner campaigns and more effective targeting. Optimized pipelines and lot more certainty on outcome predictions are set to change business operations in 2018.
  • Customer-driven focus: From an innovation-driven focus, the wheels are shifting to a customer-driven focus. 2018 will see the rise in more products and services that are agile in their operations and benefit the customer. This will mean that innovations will continue to drive customer service and competition in the market will hot up in this space.
  • 3D Printing: 3D printing will see wider growth and spread in terms of how it is used. 3D “bioprint” is gaining R&D support, with people looking at organ development with 3D printing which seems promising. This technology will aim to improve quality of life in both humans and animals.
  • Upgraded devices: The world of laptops and notebooks are undergoing tremendous change. Whether it be gesture control, eye control, increased use of the touchscreen or touch pad, disappearance of the mouse, increased battery life, upgraded server capacities and so on, all of these are important changes that the technology world is looking to change.
  • Human-computer interaction: As humanization increases in the computer world, technology will increase accessibility, ease of use and enable people to work with technology in the best way that suits them. 2018 will see the technology go a step forward towards “humanized” interfaces and interactions from computers. Personalization will be key and continue to grow.
  • Artificial Intelligence: There is no doubt that AI a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. There is a steady focus on R&D in AI and it will shape how AI grows in the next year. Trusting and communicating with machines will automatically increase dependencies on technology.

There is no doubt that the world as we know it, is changing. This change is happening one technology advancement at a time. There was a time when computers were a rarity in the house, and today everything is accessible at the click of an app. Kids are using smartphones, farmers are checking weather predictions, education is reaching more rural households today thanks to innovative learning technologies and the world is indeed becoming one global connected boundaryless village. And organizations like DigitalOnUs will continue to be future-ready and think of innovations in augmenting businesses with their technological outcomes with creative and edgy service offerings like DevOps ++. This reality is here to stay. It is now up to you how you decide to deal with it.


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