Release Engineering Automation

Your Challenges Are The Fuel
The challenge for IT organizations today is simply, faster, faster, faster. From a People, Process & Technology standpoint, businesses need velocity and integrity that delivers to a strategic agenda with results that are measurable.

DigitalOnUs DevOps approach is customer-centricity where quality and scalability can be achieved cost-effectively and with great agility.
IT Challenges
Our top 4 pillars to success with DevOps as our central theme
Bringing Products To Life With Cohesive DevOps Teams
“DigitalOnUs has enable us to grow and deliver on our SaaS product vision by providing extremely talented and experienced people in areas of DevOps, Quality Engineering, SOA and microservices band end. We consider them an integral part of our team and extended family who help bring our products to life. We especially like the nearhsore capabilities that go with the engagement and allow our agile engineering teams to work very closely as if they were co-located.”
CTO, Aditazz
The Path to Continuous Delivery

At DigitalOnUs we specialize in DevOps which include Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing and Continuous Monitoring for hybrid enterprises, i.e, cloud based and/ or on-premise applications.
We implement continuous delivery such that software can be released on demand. Our teams work closely with our clients to understand their business challenges and quickly integrate DevOps solutions like infrastructure as code, which help them respond to specific needs of their sector or their business.

our vision:
  • New features should be introduced in days or hours, not months
  • Fast metric-driven feedback-loops improve productivity
  • Early testing should be executed in representative environments automatically on check-in
  • Elimination of regression defects
  • Managed roll-out of new features through A/B testing reducing risk of change
  • Business-centric metrics enable real-time service management
  • Security vulnerabilities identified at build-time
DigitalOnUs- Path to Continuous Delivery
Our Release Engineering Automation Framework
We have successfully established Release Engineering frameworks to automate Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery with best-of-breed technology and tools such as AWS and Docker among many others. Our choice of implementing containers and microservices based architecture is ultimately driven by scale, infrastructure and demand. A well implemented continuous delivery workflow goes a long way in flexible and agile application development, testing, release and bug fixes.
Release Engineering Automation Framework
Deep Customer Engagement Leads To Rich Benefits
Workshops and working sessions
Running workshops and working sessions to identify gaps in process, tools and resources for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline
DevOps adoption roadmap and implementation
Defining the DevOps Adoption Roadmap and implementation
Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pilot projects
Initiating Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pilot projects
Integrating Continuous Testing with the CI/CD pipelines
Integrating Continuous Testing with the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines
Telemetry solution giving clear visibility of the all SDLC assets
Integrating a telemetry solution giving clear visibility of the all SDLC assets
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