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Overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic

In the wake of the CoronaVirus pandemic, businesses, world over, are experiencing difficult times facing operational disruptions. The need of the hour is for enterprise leaders to take quick steps to protect both their businesses and workforces alike. Delays in decision making and action plans will have a huge and lasting impact on the enterprise. This results in changes in priorities with a focus to maintain / enhance vs build.

How can we enable this change?

With years of experience in cloud native development, we help enterprises accelerate their development with our DevOps and SRE services. We have years of in-depth experience in helping our customers adapt to changes and adopt new operational models and build a culture of automation first.

We are extending our support to enable you respond to the challenges posed by this emergency and by working with you to put together a business continuity plan that will sustain operations in a safe and cost effective approach.

Nearshore Delivery

To cater to any workforce needs during this time, our Nearshore Delivery Centre gives you access to a team of experienced individuals that can help you with sudden requirements. We can assure you hassle-free product development, automation and quality engineering that matches your needs.

Continuous Delivery

The DevOps team at DigitalOnUs will support you through these trying times with solutions and agendas that keep up business operations. Our team of experts will enable you develop and execute a customized DevOps transformation strategy that will help you survive and prepare for rebound.

Cloud Native Development

Accelerate your development with the support of our Microservices architecture. Our cloud migration services, and customized solutions will power your delivery needs faster and will fewer road humps.

We are doing everything possible to ensure our customers are functioning as seamlessly as possible by enabling them build resilient business model to overcome the pandemic and knowing that when this turn around the solutions in place are scalable to address the new demand.

What we are offering at no cost to you:

Understand your business, challenges and priorities

Providing you a high level roadmap for change

Proving advisory services up-to 2 weeks for 1 use-case to as be implemented within your enterprise

Note : All requests for this services will be subject to DigitalOnUs approval process and can be changed at any time.