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Tech Mahindra is the Place to be

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What do our collaborators think about DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra?

Our collaborators describe as an amazing, flexible, enjoyable and friendly working environment.

Latest technologies projects as part of our clients portfolio, make us feel happy and proud to be part of DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra family.

Our open communication style is very professional, and people oriented starting from our management team. They appreciate collaborators opinion, and ideas are always heard. Also, offices are fresh, we work in an open space that allow us to communicate effectively, everyone is approachable and willing to listen. 

Last but not least we have lots of opportunities to learn and work with modern solutions taking care about work/life balance. DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra is an excellent company for your professional growth.

We suggest to take a look about our reviews in Glassdoor.

What is the history of the company?

DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra was created in mid 2015, but our history in the market goes way back. Suri, who is the CEO of DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra founded his first company back in 2012 with very similar culture and delivery model as what we have in DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra now. Focusframe, Suri’s first company, had headquarters in Silicon Valley and the delivery center was in Saltillo Coahuila, this company was a great success and because of that, it was merged with a bigger company years after. Suri continued working there until 2015, when he had the great idea to start again and create a new start-up. He shared the idea with good colleagues and all together came with the name and vision of this company that we have now.

Yes, we started as start-up, 4 of us in a small office with a clear vision, technology niche and culture of we wanted to have. Since then, we have achieved aggressive goals but never losing the feeling of a start-up, with lean and agile internal processes, and continue building very fun memories while in the office or outside which is very frequent on us.

If I want to join, what will be the process?

For us is super important to meet you and give you the best experience during our talent acquisition process, from day one, you have a Talent Acquisition Specialist assigned to care about you, so he / she will keep you posted about what’s going on. We’ll reach out to you by phone, WhatsApp, email, or any other media need it.

Our process sometimes may have variances but in general, this is what you can expect:

  • Open discussion about you and DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra – It is our first date!, and so we share the basics about the company and project and we will be happy to hear about you and all you have to bring to the team.
  • Time to assessing your technical skills – We love to code (in fact we are recognized as one of the best place to code by Software Guru!!), so we will set a code challenge / technical interview(s) where you will have the opportunity to show your technical skills. At the beginning, we will set expectations by explaining the challenge, time and expected results. This will be the opportunity to meet our best technical team and ask questions on this topic. 
  • Let’s negotiate – This is the moment to agree your compensation before to jump into the next level. This step is to shows you our commitment and we expect the same from you!
  • Meet & greet with our management team – You showed us your technical skills until now, next step is to meet our management team who will share with you our vision, culture and some other interested topics for you; feel free to ask anything, we enjoy sharing. Our COO, CTO and CEO may talk to you. More than formal evaluation, it’s a kind conversation to get to know you better. For us, the cultural fit is as important as the technical skills. And remember, a working relationship is like any other personal relation, we want to make sure we know us good enough to start and build a long term one. 
  • Time to jump into our customer level – It is almost the end, our collaborators may meet the client and project before joined to the team, this step will give you and us the comfort level of the team you will be working with. 
  • Say yes and JOIN US! – You are now part of our great team, let’s set the best date to join and we will close the deal with your employment agreement! 

We are here to hear you!, if you have feedback, comments of need help during the process, send us an email to, your email will go to management team and we will make sure action items are taken!

How can I grow at DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra?

DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra was raking as the fastest IT Services Silicon Valley company in 2018 and we are so proud of this!  (read more), why is this important to you?, well, if the company grows, it means you also grow as new opportunities open up in leadership as well as in the technical field.

We are organized by delivery projects and practices, kind of horizontal and vertical approach. Since day one, you will know your delivery manager who oversees projects and customers and your practice manager who is in charge to build and share best practices, training plans, certifications and internal initiatives where you may participate. Between the 2 of them will help you to define your career path and steps to achieve it. 

We work on small and agile teams so you will be able to talk direct and constant with your managers, this flexibility is going to allow you to adopt fast according to your areas of interest. 

Our development process has an agile, clear and dynamic focus to achieve collaborators goals. Constant feedback is helping us to achieve the professional growth for the company and collaborators.

If you are interested to have outside exposure, we invite and give the opportunity to the experts in high-tech topics to share the knowledge and real experiences in a friendly environment meetups and workshops and be part of the communities.

What does DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra do to make collaborators feel happy?

Each member of the DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra family is different, we understand and take every single suggest to build different ideas, solutions and activities to cover all our interests. 

All DigitalOnUs by Tech Mahindra collaborators show themselves as they are, our values help us to keep any topic open to discuss, everyone is open to hear your voice, nurture the talent and help you strengthen your foot print! 

We love sharing time together, events are part of the day-to-day, we enjoy activities like Friday Tacos, Birthday cake, Juevebes, empowerment sessions for women in pink code group, tournaments (Mario Cart, soccer, ping pong, etc.), soccer clubs, family days, spend time at our play room and just casually meet outside for lunch, bowling and party! 

It is important to mention that our turnover is around 5%, meanwhile IT competitors are around 20%, this are the results of the best combination between newest technologies, great team, fair compensation and excellent company culture!

Why Tech Mahindra



We can give you an opportunity to work with some truly remarkable IT engineers, architects, specialists, and more.



We’re growing at a phenomenal pace and we’d like some company, so why not join us?



When it comes to benefits, and employee focus and culture, we are the best!



When it comes to DevOps and the latest frameworks for delivery, DOU is where it’s at.



Our parties are fun, crazy – and we don’t want you to feel left out.



We acknowledge your voice, your nature, your talent and help you strengthen your footprint!

Work Smart & Play Hard

DigitalOnUs is a NextGen IT organization. Whether you are  an experienced professional or a newbie, we offer an enviable work culture that is a right blend of ambition, thirst for knowledge, learning, and teamwork. We are a family focused on a common objective, and when our colleagues and team-members do well, we celebrate their success.