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Flutter comes to the Web Development World

Edwin Sandoval Diaz - October 6, 2020 - 0 comments

With the arrival of Flutter to the Web Development World, new questions are emerging.

In this post, we’re going to talk about the future of Web Development with Flutter, seen through the eyes of a Web Developer.

Let’s begin talking about one of the main challenges in Web Development.

A single language for doing everything.

For many years web developers have been looking for a language that helps in software development, whether we’re working on a Single Web Application, Mobile App, or Backend project.

Google has spent a few years trying to fix this big challenge and has developed a possible solution – DART.

Dart is a language that comes with the best of Javascript and Java. It is a kind of Typescript that works for everything needed for a Web Developer.

With Dart, we can quickly develop a Web Service or a Shell Script using the DART CLI.

Dart is an object-oriented Typescript.

Yes, the language includes all the good things that we could find in big brands like Java and C#.

Dart includes Native and Web compiling.

With Dart, it is easy to develop for native platforms like iOS or Android because it includes the friendly Dart VM tool. With features like Hot Reload, it is beneficial when we’re working on a mobile app, and comes with the dart2js compiler that helps export projects for the Web.

Now, it’s time to talk about the second main challenge in Web Development.

A single UI Framework for Web and Mobile Development.

Google clearly understands the needs of Web Developers. Often, projects begin with the development of a Web Application, and later the requirements change, and we are required to do Mobile Development.

Flutter, the power in your hands.

Yes, it’s time to talk about Flutter, the robust React-based framework that lets us create Responsive Apps and Native Mobile Apps.

Flutter began a few years ago as a Framework for Mobile App creation with Native performance. Today it is set to become the go-to Framework for Web Development.

With a Layout System based in Widgets, Flutter extracts the best of the ReactJS world and puts all of this in the Web Developers’ hands. A Web Developer can now build a responsive page with ease and reuse some logic for the Mobile App project.

In conclusion, if you’re a Web Developer, you should begin to spend time with the future of web development – Flutter.

By – Edwin Sandoval Diaz, Senior Frontend Developer, DigitalOnUs

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