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DevSecOps (Cloud Security)

Cloud Security Managed Services

Cloud is the Future of Information Security

Any big technology change brings with it many opportunities and strategic risks as well. Beyond the usual market forces, cost control, or technical relevance, it is the strategic Information Security risk that poses a big stumbling block to the potential growth of Industries. However, the right approach in handling these risks can give your business the armor it needs to survive in high-risk markets.

Information Security risks can come from codirect attacks by one-off hacktivist groups, state-level actors, or even inadvertent leaks. These risks are often common to enterprises serving entire markets. But the differentiator here is the manner in which the business chooses to respond to these threats. Our comprehensive set of innovative technical solutions on the lines of cyber-security kill chain promises your company a competitive advantage and the ability to adopt new cloud technologies faster.

Our Cloud Security solutions focus on Automation, Self-service, and DevOps principles, offering a unique competitive advantage because the adoption of Cloud technologies raises the potential stakes of a breach manifold. Here’s how adopting our Enterprise Cloud Technology can lead to higher scalability and velocity:

  • Massive scaling can now be accomplished in a fraction of a second

  • Many processes are 100% automated

  • Purchase orders, with a turnaround time of days to catch mistakes, are replaced with API calls that can requisition millions of servers

  • Applications can adapt to customer requirements faster than ever before

Why Risk Management?

A business is best equipped for optimal use of opportunities offered by Cloud and Hybrid Cloud technologies if supported with the right tools and strategy for Risk Management.

DigitalOnUs offers not just a set of tools, engineering resources, and recommendations, but also acts as an ally in structuring your overall Information Security strategy to meet your Risk Management needs.

Our Security Solutions work around the following three levels:

Cloud Posture / Security Policy as Code

With the introduction of Cloud Security as Code, there is a massive shift from the conventional approach of Security as Tickets. The conventional method does not capitalize on the on-demand provisioning capabilities of Cloud technologies and SaaS. Cloud Security, as Code, brings the rigor, auditability, and automation opportunities of software code to your security policies and enforcement. 

Much of DevOps literature supports the principles of Infrastructure as Code, Configuration as Code, and various security automation methods. But any Security Automation requires the adoption of a consistent and machine-readable Security Policy Definition system. This is because Automatic Enforcement mechanisms need a consistent, cross-platform source of truth to determine what to enforce in the first place.

We help your business unify the application of security policies and controls across numerous Cloud providers and service platforms.

Secrets Management / Encryption as a Service

Secrets Management to combat Secrets Sprawl — the DOU value

Moving into a DevOps world and changing operations to use Cloud Technologies requires some upfront work, which largely involves replacing the human-controlled operations with automation. But any system that automates a formerly manual task will still need the same access that the manual operation required.

For instance, if a script replaces a production database administration task, that script will still need the same production database credentials formerly held by a Database Administrator.

That means, in the rush to automate and convert step-by-step tasks into code, passwords to databases, API keys for mission-critical services, SSH Keypairs to production infrastructure, license codes, and even root encryption, keys often become part of these automated systems.

Some of these can live for years alongside the code that needs to use them, without proper access control or auditing.

This phenomenon of fragmented management of ‘secrets’ is referred to as ‘Secrets Sprawl’, because the keys to the kingdom needed to operate an enterprise’s digital processes are scattered across that enterprise’s automation.

Our well-designed, cloud vendor-neutral Secrets Management system enables brokering of access across platforms and services. We empower your business and accelerate Cloud adoption. The DigitalOnUs service enables you to structure your Secrets Management to enhance value to your business. You get the best of both worlds: the advantages of Cloud adoption journey, such as full automation and distribution, without compromising on secure secrets and data management, auditing, threat detection, compliance, and automatic remediation.

For instance, credentials in one system or Cloud provider can be used as a way to authenticate and get access to secrets in another system.

Encryption as a Service

Just as Cloud adoption changes the calculus for Secrets Management, a successful enterprise’s approach to data protection will often adapt as well.

In this scenario, what gives businesses the competitive edge is their willingness to adapt and accept changes in cryptographic techniques and aggressive, unprecedented levels of consumer privacy protections.

Why write or vendorize encryption libraries, code secure key databases, build your own cryptographic auditing systems, and create access control enforcement methods, when you can replace all of these with a single managed service? Our latest Cloud Native Data Protection techniques empower your developers and customers to succeed in the face of system limitations.

Identity and Access Management Integration

The innovative solutions offered by DigitalOnUs do not make your conventional Identity and Access Management systems redundant. Instead, we improve your forensic readiness with unified, real-time audit logging and transactional audit controls.

Apply machine learning to your Container Security posture

‘Immutable’ infrastructure – such as Containers in which operations replace an entire Container, rather than update an Operating System’s configuration and application code – requires a different approach to security.

Containers share and divide resources in new ways. While they close off many security issues through standardization and rapid updates, using Containers on a large scale increases the impact on any individual vulnerability, requires new security analysis, and protection techniques.

DigitalOnUs brings a deep understanding of Container architecture, service meshes, and micro segmentation to your business’s Information Security needs. Our end-to-end approach helps you chart a secure itinerary in your journey towards adopting Container technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Nomad, and LXC.