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DevOps Services

The DOU Advantage: Leading the way for successful DevOps Transformation

Today, more than ever, IT organizations are facing the challenge of meeting Agile requirements posed by the industry, while keeping the phase of the legacies. It also requires them to connect different worlds with their discrete standards and velocities.

Through our extensive and specialized range of technology services, the DigitalOnUs DevOps team helps overcome these challenges and assists organizations in realizing their strategic agenda with the help of initiatives and solutions that improve business performance with measurable results.

DigitalOnUs specializes in DevOps offerings, which include:

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

  • QE integration

  • Continuous monitoring for cloud-based and on-premise applications

At DigitalOnUs, DevOps means a company-wide cultural shift to ensure we have the expertise in all the required areas that help our customers achieve tailormade DevOps transformations. We understand that there are various aspects to solving a software problem, which is why our core focus is on the following:



By incorporating principles, practices and governance policies in the customers’ processes for a gradual DevOps adoption, we facilitate organization-wide Agile collaboration among teams.



The focus is on people as the central element of DevOps culture so that we have a workforce skilled in both automation and continuous deployment — the main capacities required to support DevOps.

Tools and Technology

Tools and Technology

We categorize the technology so that it enables implementation of continuous delivery up to a point where the software can be released on demand. Our team is eager to explore and adopt patterns and tools for supporting automation and other DevOps solutions like infrastructure as code.

Differentiating the DOU way

Infrastructure as code is essential for our DevOps practices. We treat the desired state of the infrastructure as written code so that we can run such code on a machine converging to the desired state. The code is managed via source control, enabling collaboration among development and operations teams and controlling all changes on a VCS.

Automating everything on a controlled environment enables continuous deployment of reliable software. By following the best practices and integrating new-age technologies, our expertise enables teams to be agile and release business value faster.

We use leading open source automation tools to define our DevOps framework.

At DigitalOnUs, Provisioning is a critical part of DevOps implementations. We know that the infrastructure should be provisioned using the same tools and definitions that are used for the production infrastructure. This is the foundation for a reliable CI/CD implementation.

At DigitalOnUs, we have the experience in monitoring services creating the telemetry framework that provide insights on Build-and-Release cycles and providing insets to production. We understand that real-time monitoring of the entire DevOps life cycle provides validation to the Development and Operations teams that the application has been built right while functioning and performing to the standards of the business it supports.

Our experience and expertise run deep in the CI/CD pipeline implementation, which enables our customers to perform more frequent releases and increase their business value swiftly.

Our robust Build-and-Deployment tools eliminate the need for manual work that creeps into the process of CI/CD pipelines, help in automating builds, and testing reliable solutions.

The technology stack on our Build tools is based on the nature of the applications we work with. Mostly, Maven and Gradle have been used for integrating and building code on our Java applications.