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Calling all Software Engineers that want to work on next gen technology in Mexico

DigitalOnUs - August 14, 2018 - 0 comments

In this interconnected world, all bright software engineers want to work on the next gen technologies and continue to acquire new skills that are valued not just in Mexico but globally. In order to find these opportunities in Mexico, software engineers ask us the following:

  • Which of the next gen technology should I focus on?
  • How do I get trained in these technologies?
  • How can I work with leading companies in the USA?
  • Want to work with a Startup but?

Next Gen Technology – DevOps

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There are many next gen technologies but DevOps is having the most impact in the complete software development process. Unlike the old waterfall model, all modern companies are doing agile software development doing continuous development, integration, testing and release. This is being enabled by many new technologies including AWS, Azure, Cloudbees Jenkins, Docker, GCP, Hashicorp Vault and Kubernetes

How to get trained in DevOps?

Simply join a company like DigitalOnUs, Inc. that is focused exclusively on DevOps and has formal training programs to get you up to speed on these new technologies. Besides that, we have a lot of other bright engineers like you and with our collaborative culture, you will continuously learn from other experts and senior engineers at DigitalOnUs.

How can I work with leading companies in the USA?

DigitalOnUs is the fastest growing nearshore company in Mexico. That means all of our employees get a chance to work with the leading companies in the USA and Europe. Some of them get a chance to work on customer site for a limited time and then come home and continue to work with the same customers. We work on many interesting software development projects and our customer list includes leading companies like Gap, Kroger, Microsoft and Nutanix.

Want to work with a Startup but?

We are not just a startup but espouse an open culture where employees have the freedom to propose, innovate and use their full potential. We are like a big family that wants to grow together and grow fast. We are one of the largest growing companies in Mexico and offer the most competitive salaries and benefits so as to remove all objections of working at a startup. Now you can have the best of both worlds – a startup and a job security at the same time. Check out what our employees say about working at DigitalOnUs.


If you are a bright software engineer who wants to learn new technologies and work on leading edge projects with companies in the USA while staying in Mexico then hurry up and apply to work with our team at DigitalOnUs

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