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Our innovative solutions accelerate your progress and assist you to perform faster, better and optimally.

Learn how the Tech Mahindra advantage can lead the game for you

The path-breaking solutions offered by DigitalOnUS to accelerate your steady progress include:


Multi-cloud CD Platform

Genesis is a secure Continuous Delivery Platform, based on a Kubernetes cluster that is spun up with Terraform scripts in a cloud environment. With the support of Genesis, our DevOps tools platform can be deployed in a matter of minutes with the group of tools defined on our technology stack and helps infrastructure provisioning, securing infrastructure, application and running applications in a CD pipeline.

N+N Landscape Auto

SAP Infrastructure Automation Using Terraform

The DOU solution enables you to kick start your SAP applications on a cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services(AWS) with an infrastructure provisioning tool, Terraform and replicate it infinite number of times for different environments. With Terraform, we define the required state of our infrastructure via scripts, allowing us to configure SAP applications directly on ‘N’ instances for ‘N’ environments. This feature helps us offer you an integrated solution for SAP Infrastructure Automation.

XC – Leanium

Quality Engineering Automation Framework

The automation framework indigenously developed by DigitalOnUs acts as a top layer with Selenium, and helps accelerate test automation for web-based applications. Quality Engineers working on Agile Development projects that require fast-phased automation can significantly boost their productivity by automating test scripts without having to write code. A single architect can write reusable, custom, yet complex actions while a team of junior QEs can work on the automation load. Reusability and Centralized Management are the key differentiators of this framework to fetch you comprehensive reports.

Space Gateway

Plug-and-play DevOps dashboard

Space Gateway (internal code name) is a DevOps dashboard to track lead times and deployment frequency which is easily configured by leveraging modern technologies. This dashboard tracks the progress of the DevOps journey.


Plug-and-play concurrent testing framework

MIR reduces the lead times of complex testing scripts with easy configuration of test runs by leveraging container technologies.

CodeceptJS – Open Source Contributor

Continuous Testing Framework

DigitalOnUs (DOU) is an active collaborator in the Open Source community. CodeceptJS is based on Mocha and uses WebDriverIO library. The complexity of WebDriverIO libraries are hidden inside DSL, allowing test engineers to focus on test scenarios. Synchronous Tests API, developed from a user’s perspective, is backend agnostic. DOU initiated and enabled REST API testing for CodeceptJS by introducing the first CodeceptJS helper, supporting this test automation.