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About Us

Where Expertise meets Experience and Excellence

Our Philosophy

At DigitalOnUS, the term “Open” is synonymous with the philosophy of Collective Innovation and Collective Responsibility. Right from the Design elements and structure of our physical office to Communication and Dialogue within and between the teams, Openness and Transparency is what we believe in. We also firmly endorse and welcome diverse talent as it enriches client interactions, translating into great value-addition. Our open space office design, Internal communication platform and continuous two-way engagement with teams and management lead the way to an empowered, committed and inspired team.

Our Methodology

We walk the talk. Along with providing the best-in-class Agile and DevOps methodologies to our customers, we have adopted the same best practices within our ecosystem as well. Our nimble processes are not mired in red tape, yet robust, flexible and result-oriented. This transparency in approach has helped our teams to move ahead with steadfast focus. We are proud of the fact that our clients are our partners in our journey forward.

Our Environment

At DigitalOnUs, what distinguishes us from other teams is the conducive environment which encompasses trust within teams and with our customers. Trust and Openness leads to Quality, Innovation, Commitment to deliverables, Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness for all our customers.

Executive Team

Management Team

Jeanette Espinosa

Head of Operations, Canada

Jeanette leads the nearshore delivery center in Canada, bringing to the team over 13+ years of experience managing onsite, offshore and nearshore teams for the Technology industry, her mission is to provide innovative solutions to our clients and teams along with operational standards.

Before DigitalOnUs she played key management roles on Big Data, DevOps, Digital solutions, Organizational Development and Company Integrations projects for some of the most renown IT consulting companies.

She is an agile enthusiast and enjoys having challenging goals where creativity, people and technology are involved, besides that, she loves to spend time travelling with her family, friends and pets.

Sam Flint

Director of Solutions

Sam Flint is the Director of Solutions , bringing to the team over 15+ years of experience in the software development industry with companies ranging from fortune 100, to start ups, and founding a few along the way. A unique background starting as a developer, moving on to become a database engineer, followed by becoming a DevOps Legend, all this while articulating solutions from engineers back to the client. With his experience he has developed the skills to solve various problems across many technologies and architectures.

Sam is focused on developing internal programs in support of sales, training, client accelerators, and engaging directly in pre-sales activities for strategic accounts to help drive deals successfully. He is also responsible for guiding the Architects in implementing designs into the production environment, and working with Delivery and Sales teams to help win or expand client business.

When he is not off solving problems, he enjoys spending time with his four amazing kids, playing billiards(has been to Vegas), cooking, board games, and traveling with his wife.

Dhanashri Chavan

Senior Director, Business Development

Dhanashri Chavan is the Senior Director of Business Development at Digital OnUs, with 16 years of global experience spanning two continents working with Fortune 500 clients and startups.
She majored in computer science, and her background as a solutions architect and professional services consultant helps her provide creative solutions to complex problems. She believes in building long term relationships and thrives in a challenging work environment. She brings diligence and focus on customer needs to her sales role.
As Director of Sales at Persistent Systems in her previous role, she was responsible for the IBM Security, CLM, and Watson IoT services portfolios, closing multiple new logos, opening a new geography for a leading support project, and expanding existing accounts to multi-million dollar revenues.
Dhanashri is currently based in the San Francisco Bay area and enjoys going on long hikes in the beautiful California weather, yoga, running, traveling to new places, and reading fiction (LOTR is her all-time favorite).

Abdallah Braatz

Sr. Manager, People

Abda is a Mexican multifaceted Leader with focus on customer service. He has worked for 10 years in different areas of the IT industry, from consulting to administrative positions. His experience has allowed him to understand the perspectives of the company as well as the collaborators. He is a natural problem solver and one of his main qualities is to be analytical in each situation and propose optimal solutions for each case.

His experience in customer service allows him to establish an excellent link with the collaborator looking for the best work experience at Digital OnUs. He is willing to help in whatever is necessary.

Abda seeks to adapt the culture and work environment of Silicon Valley companies to Digital OnUs, respecting the magic of the region in which a Digital OnUs office is located.

He likes to travel and do rock climbing as well as spending time with his beloved wife and 3 children.

Fabian Reyes

Sr. Delivery Manager

Fabian Reyes is a Delivery Manager who joined the company on January of 2016. He brings 15 years of experience in the software development industry with a lot of background managing and training nearshore teams from Mexico. Through technology, he has been able to help solve problems in the Healthcare, Financial, Fitness and Marketing industries and has contributed to the architectural design of many platforms.

Fabian is focused on delivering quality and making sure our teams are challenged with the most interesting problems our clients have.

When not obsessively refreshing slack and email, Fabian really enjoys getting angry while reading news and going over statistics of any kind.

Julio Arriaga

Sr. Practice Manager

Julio Arriaga heads the Development and Quality engineering practices at DigitalOnUs. With over 20 yearsin the software industry, Julio has had the opportunity to garner rich experience in software development and specializes in the practice development area. He is obsessed with optimizing and automating processesand workflows and is always working on offering value-added solutions to our customers. Prior to joining the DOU family, Julio wore different hats as global practice manager, project manager, test manager and developer in global companies such as Hexaware and Ericsson.

When not working, Julio enjoys live music festivals with his wife and playing video games with his daughters. He also enjoys playing the drums and is the DigitalOnUs band’s official drummer.

Francisco Rodiguez

Sr. Manager, DevOps

Francisco Rodriguez joined DigitalOnUs in 2016 to help make us a powerhouse in the DevOps industry. Francisco is the DevOps Practice Manager with experience in managing and training teams in Mexico.

Francisco has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry in areas such as DevOps, Architecture, Test Automation, CI/CD process and Implementation of complex Telecommunication systems. He also has experience in complex IT environments and good skills in cutting-edge technologies such as Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins and Chef. He has been able to solve problems in Telecom, Healthcare and Financial industries and contribute to the architectural DevOps design for different processes.

Francisco enjoys playing baseball and traveling with his family, learning about the history of the places around Mexico.

Alan Sanchez

Practice Manager

Alan Sanchez joined DigitalOnUs in 2017 as a Software Development Engineer in the Testing Team. He has 10 years of experience in the Quality Assurance/Engineering with background as a full-stack developer and database administrator. His main focus revolves around automation testing and tailoring customers’ in-house applications through the usage of different languages and platforms. While working in Data Management, Communications, Media & Technology industries, he always pride himself on delivering quality services and solutions.

Alan might be the only guy who really knows how to keep calm around the office and when he is not busy working, he can be found clowning around with peers, trying (and failing miserably) to be funny but still cool enough to “give ping-pong lessons” for free.

Emilio Ojeda

Practice Manager

With his experience in Mobile Software Development, driving scalable and maintainable solutions, Emilio Ojeda enjoys working on mobile architecture and test solutions. He has worked in E-Commerce and Entertainment industries among others. With his passion for state-of-the-art technologies in Mobile Development, he motivates his teammates to experiment with the latest technologies in the industry. He is an open-source community lover and is always happy to share something (believe it).

When he is not coding/reading (which is rare), he is drinking coffee and talking about tech with friends, hanging out or watching TV shows.

Emanuel Fernandez

Sr. Delivery Manager, SAP

Emanuel leads the global SAP technical team in DOU. With more than a decade of experience in enterprise software industry, including SAP full implementation projects, upgrades, migrations and global daily operations support. He has 3 years leading and managing SAP global teams, in charge of defining, measuring and achieving company goals for his business unit. Prior to Digital OnUs, Emanuel held several hands on and leadership roles with companies like IBM, T-Systems, Neoris, Epicor Software Corporation and Grasshopper-Software.

He enjoys building high performance and confidence teams, passionate about delivery excellence. He loves traveling and to share those moments with his wife and beloved little daughter.

Edson Rodriguez

Sr. Delivery Manager, SAP

Edson Rodriguez joined DigitalOnUs in 2017 with over 13 years of experience in SAP Finance, Controlling, Project System and Funds Management modules. He has worked across industries such as automotive, public sector, mining, retail, consumer products and education. As the SAP Functional Lead Consultant and Project Manager at DOU, he focuses on delivering quality solutions to provide high customer satisfaction and mentors his fellow team members so that they have the same focus and dedication.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys and also playing ping-pong at the office!

Alejandro Cardenas

Sr. Delivery Manager

Alejandro Cardenas is a Delivery Manager at DigitalOnUssince 2016. He brings 14 years of experience in the software development industry with a background in architecting solutions in industries such as Telecom, Home Intelligence, Entertainment and Social Networking. Alejandro is a tech-enthusiast and always tries to automate or improve current systems/processes. He is focused on the quality of deliveries and is always the first to solve client requirements.

When out of office, he loves going to the park with his wife and four dogs and loves to read and learn about the newest technologies.

Rodrigo Valdes

Sr. Delivery Manager

With more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, Rodrigo Valdes has been with DigitalOnUs since its inception in 2015. During his stint as a Solution Architect, he discovered a passion for leadership and management and now fulfils the role of Delivery Manager, collaborating with his peers to ensure the best experience for our clients. With an MSc. in Machine Learning, Data Mining and High-Performance Computing, Rodrigo also brings to the company a great amount of knowledge and expertise on the disruptive technologies in the industry today.

When Rodrigo is not solving problems, he enjoys good stories. “What better way to disconnect from reality than reading a good old classic!”, he exclaims.